Bulk importing users

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Instead of manually adding users one at a time, runZero administrators can add multiple users via bulk import. To bulk import users, you will need to create a CSV (comma separated values) file that contains the user information, such as their first name, last name, email, role, and organizational access.

Bulk imports will only add new users; it will not update existing users. If the file contains a user that already exists in the system, the import will not complete. You’ll need to remove all duplicate users from your CSV file and import the file again.

Here are the high-level steps for bulk-importing users:

  1. Create a CSV file with your user information.
  2. Import the CSV file into runZero.
  3. Verify users have registered their accounts.

Creating the CSV file for importing users

To create the CSV file, you can use the provided template or create a file from scratch. You’ll need to follow the guidelines and include the fields outlined below.

  • The first row of the CSV file is the header row and it must be included in the file. It contains the required fields needed for importing users, and those fields must follow a specific order (first_name, last_name, email, all_orgs_role, org_roles).
  • runZero requires the first_name, last_name, and email fields. The organization-level fields, all_orgs_role and org_roles, are optional.
  • To define the org_roles field, use the following format: orgName=role. You can use pipes to separate multiple definitions.
  • Excluding the all_orgs_role field from the CSV will result in users being assigned a no-access role in all organizations.
  • Excluding the orgs_role field from the CSV will result in users being assigned the role defined in the all_orgs_role field. If both fields are excluded from the file, all users will be assigned the no-access role. They will need to contact the runZero administrator to modify their account access.

User fields for the CSV file

The following table lists the fields you can include in your CSV file:

Field Description Example
first_name The user’s first name. sarah
last_name The user’s last name. smith
email The user’s email address. ssmith@company.org
all_orgs_role The role assigned to the user for all organizations. This is optional. user
org_roles The role assigned to the user for a specific site. Use pipes to separate the organizations. This field is optional. org1=user

Your resulting CSV file should look like the following example:

first_name,last_name, email,all_orgs_role,orgs_role

Importing users into runZero

  1. Go to your Team Import page.
  2. Choose the CSV file that contains your user information and upload it to runZero.
  3. Import the file.

runZero will alert you if there are issues with your file. For example, if the file contains an existing user, the import will not complete. You’ll need to remove all duplicate users from your file and import it again.

Verifying users have registered

After you add new users via import, each user receives an email invitation to join your team. The email contains a link to register their email address, which prompts them to enter their name and password for their account. After they create an account, they’ll be able to log in to the runZero console.

You can visit the Teams page to find the status and last login for each user. Users who have completed the registration process will show an Activated status.