Automated MSI deployments

runZero uses dynamically generated binaries for the runZero Explorer downloads and this doesn’t always play well with MSI-based installation methods.

To work around this issue, we have provided a shim MSI package that can be used with automated installers. This package has a valid Authenticode signature and can also be verified using the runZero Verifier.

Note: Some components of the application still reference the name "rumble" for backwards compatibility. All new installations will use `runzero` instead of `rumble` for directory, file, and user names.

To use this package, deploy it with the URL parameter specified as the organization-specific download URL from the runZero Console Explorers section.

msiexec /i runzero-explorer-installer-amd64.msi URL=

Note: the above command should be entered as one long line with a single URL parameter, but is shown wrapped here.

The MSI shim will verify that the URL contains a valid runZero Explorer binary and install it normally.

Warning: Note that installing with the /a parameter will not work and /i must be used instead.

Binary downloads

Build SHA256
runZero Explorer Installer MSI x86 64-bit sha-256
runZero Explorer Installer MSI x86 32-bit sha-256