Managing external users

Professional Community Platform

You can invite external users to join your runZero instance and view the organizational data available to them. The ability to add external users is useful for consultants, value-added resellers, and managed service providers who want to be able to share data from runZero with external partners and clients.

If you are a superuser, you can invite any user who has a runZero account to join your account. When you invite the user, they will receive an invitation to join your account via email. After they accept the invitation and log in to runZero, they will see a new menu next to their organization switcher that lists all the clients they can access. Your client name will display in the list.

Note: If the person you want to invite does not have a runZero client account, they will need to sign up for one before you can invite them as an external user. A free runZero Community Edition account can be invited as an external user.

External users are only viewable from the External users page, separate from your other user lists. These users can use their same credentials to log in and switch between clients and the organizations they’ve been granted access to.

Inviting an external user into your account

  1. Go to Your team > External and click Invite external users.
  2. Assign the default role you want to assign the user for all organizations.
  3. Enter the email address for the user. The user must have an existing runZero account.
  4. Customize access for the user at the per-organization level. runZero grants the highest permission levels, when there is a conflict between the global and per-organization permissions.
  5. Add a custom email subject or body, if needed. runZero uses a default email template that informs the user you have invited them to your account and provides a link to activate the invitation. The email sender will be your name and the subject line will be “Invitation to join [client] by [your name].”
  6. Send the email.

After they activate their invitation, they will be able to log in to runZero, switch clients, and view your organizational data.

Switching clients and organizations as an external user

External users who have access to another account will see a client switcher, or client dropdown menu, located next to their organization switcher at the top right of the runZero web interface. Changing the client will change the organizations you can access and view. The account that granted you access has configured the organizations and permissions you have within the client account.

Removing an external user from your account

Removing an external user from your account will remove their access to your data. The user will no longer be able to choose your client. To remove an external user, go to the External users page, select the user account you want to remove, and click Remove user account. Confirm you want to remove the user. They will be reverted to their primary client account and will no longer have the option to access your runZero data.