Exporting HP iLO data

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HP Integrated Lights-Out (iLO) provides remote management, configuration, and monitoring capabilities for HP servers. These capabilities centralize operations for your server environments and streamline tasks like rebooting servers, booting into single user mode, and bypassing authentication.

Being able to identify and find the serial number for HP iLO devices is useful for tracking warranties for support and contract management. If you have runZero Enterprise, you can export the runZero data as a CSV to feed into warranty tracking tools.

How to export HP iLO CSV data in runZero Enterprise

In your runZero Console, go to your inventory. From the Export menu, choose the HP iLO CSV format. This method downloads all HP iLO data from the runZero inventory to a CSV file.

If you want to refine the results in your exported data, you can filter the inventory first. For example, if you only want to export iLOs that have the ProLiant DL360p Gen8 hardware, you can query:

alive:t AND ilo.hardware:"=ProLiant DL360p Gen8"

And then, from the Export menu, choose the HP iLO CSV format from the Export Search Results submenu.

HP iLO CSV export data

When you export HP iLO data, the CSV file will contain the following fields:

  • IP address
  • MAC address
  • Name
  • Serial number
  • Product ID
  • Model
  • Version
  • Health status
  • IRS
  • iLO product name
  • Serial number
  • Boot block
  • HW revision
  • FW revision
  • PWRM
  • Auth local
  • Auth Kerberos
  • Auth LDAP
  • Auth license
  • Security message
  • Alive
  • ID
  • Site ID
  • Last seen

There is a lot of data in the export that you may not need for your warranty tracker. Fields, such as serial numbers, physical hardware information, health status, and firmware version may be the most useful to import into your tracker.