Organization Overview Report

Community Platform

The Organization Overview Report captures a point-in-time snapshot of the asset data within your organization and sites. The report organizes data from your asset inventory into relevant sections and summarizes the major findings. The Organization Overview Report is useful for sharing with teams and leaders who may not have access to runZero and need an at-a-glance look into their network.

The report helps you quickly assess high-level metrics across multiple categories for your organization and sites, such as your asset types, operating systems, hardware, protocols, and products. The report also includes a summary of your RFC 1918 coverage, subnet utilization, and switches. For organizations with less than 50,000 assets, you can include additional information from your inventory via asset details and screenshots.

You can schedule the report to run at a specified start time and at a specified frequency. This report can run once, daily, weekly, monthly, or on the Nth weekday of each month. When a report is configured to run recurrently, one or more email addresses can be notified when the report has run.

runZero generates this report in HTML, but you can use your browser’s Print to PDF feature to save the file as a PDF for distribution.

Generating the Organization Overview Report

  1. Go to the Reports page.
  2. Open the Organization Overview Report configuration form.
  3. Enable Include asset details if you want additional information about each asset. The asset details will include the asset type, operating system, hardware, outlier score, first seen date, last seen date, site, addresses, names, MAC addresses, protocols, products, and services. This option only applies to organizations with less than 50,000 assets.
  4. Enable Include screenshots if you want to see captured screenshots in the report. This option only applies to organizations with less than 50,000 assets.
  5. Configure Start time and Report frequency if you want the report to run at a specified time or on a recurring schedule.
  6. Provide one or more email addresses in the Email addresses field if you want email notifications when the report is run.
  7. Generate the report. When the report generation completes, it automatically opens in your browser. Save the report as a PDF to share and distribute as needed.

Email notifications

You can include a comma-separated list of email addresses when configuring the report to run on a schedule. The specified email addresses will receive notifications when the report has finished each run of the configured schedule. The notification email will contain a link to the report in the runZero Console. Please note that only registered users with access to the relevant organization will be able to access the completed report.