Getting started

To get started, you’ll need to sign up for a runZero account. The default account is a trial of the full runZero Platform. After the trial expires, you will have the option to convert to the free Community Edition.

Sign up for a runZero account

Read up on creating an account for help activating your account, changing your password, and adding a profile picture.

Once your account is set up, there are a couple of paths you can take to deploy runZero.

Quick start

The quick start path is recommended for testing out runZero. You will jump straight into deploying an Explorer for discovery, running your first scan, and onboarding users. If you are looking for more to test out after finishing these tasks, you can jump to the deployment plan to dive deeper.

  • Deploy Explorers: runZero Explorers are the scanners that will be used to discover your network. Deploy an Explorer under the Deploy menu. Make sure to review the system requirements and dependencies for web screenshots as you plan where to install the Explorer.
  • Run initial scans: After deploying your Explorers, you can run your first scan. A discovery scan finds, identifies, and builds an inventory of all the connected assets on your internal network. The Explorer and discovery scope are the most important aspects of configuration, followed by SNMP community information to support the generation of switch topology.
  • Review results: After running the network discovery scan, you can see what was found by reviewing your results.
  • Create users: The person who signs up for runZero service will be given superuser permissions. See the “Managing Your Team” page to learn how to create additional users, set up single sign-on and multi-factor authentication options, and discover the user roles available.

Deployment plan

The deployment plan path is meant for a full production deployment of runZero. You will do more planning and configurations prior to getting started on scanning.

  • Review the glossary: The glossary covers all of the runZero terms you will want to know.
  • Start the deployment plan: The deployment plan covers the steps you will want to do for a production deployment of runZero.