Building your complete asset inventory

A complete asset inventory is a list of all assets owned by your organization, including managed, unmanaged, on-premises, and cloud infrastructure.

Who is this playbook for and why?

  • IT teams who want to use the asset inventory to understand the infrastructure they are supporting, find legacy operating systems, and track initiatives across the organization.
  • OT teams who want to use the asset inventory to understand how assets are connected and to verify their network segmentation.
  • Security teams who want to use the asset inventory during investigations and to monitor for potential vulnerabilities.

How will runZero help?

runZero is able to safely scan all networks in an efficient manner with benign traffic. Using the data from the scans, you will get full visibility into everything on your network.

What will I need to do?

In order to get full asset visibility, you will use the runZero Explorer to scan all of your on-premises networks. Additionally, you can use integrations with cloud providers, endpoint tools, and vulnerability scanners to complete your asset inventory.

Implementation steps

  1. Set up your account.
  2. Deploy your Explorer(s).
  3. Scan your network.
  4. Configure inbound integrations.

Outcome demo

This video is a short demo of what the outcome of building your complete asset inventory may look like.

Getting help

If you need assistance in building out this process, you can book a session with a runZero Customer Success Engineer to discuss further.