Offline mode configuration

Offline installation

The self-hosted runZero platform comes with a few options for your installation. You can utilize these options by adding flags to the install command. The current flags available are --offline, --distro-packages-only, and --postgres-rpm-directory.

Configures the installation for operation without internet access. Network access may still be necessary during the installation to acquire dependencies. The installer uses the upstream packages by default and this can be disabled by specifying the options below.
Install the platform without using third-party repositories (not available on RHEL/CentOS 7). The install will try to acquire the PostgreSQL package from the configured operating system repositories (local or remote). If no repository is reachable, these packages can also be specified as a directory on the file system using the option below.
--postgres-rpm-directory [directory]
Install using supplied PostgreSQL RPM files (requires RHEL or CentOS). The installer will use the RPMs in the specified directory to satisfy the PostgreSQL dependencies.

PostgreSQL RPMs required for --postgres-rpm-directory

RHEL/CentOS 8 RPMs can be found here.

RHEL/CentOS 7 RPMs can be found here.

There are four RPMs we require for installing PostgreSQL 13:

  • postgresql13
  • postgresql13-server
  • postgresql13-contrib
  • postgresql13-libs

Example install commands for offline mode

The first step is to download the runZero platform

RHEL/CentOS 7 or 8

  1. Download the required RPMs above and store them in a directory.
  2. Run this install command as root:
./runzero-platform-[VERSION]-linux-amd64.bin install --offline 
    --postgres-rpm-directory [RPM_DIRECTORY]

Ubuntu 18.04+, Debian 10+, or RHEL/CentOS 8

  1. Run this install command as root.
./runzero-platform-[VERSION]-linux-amd64.bin install --offline --distro-packages-only

Remember to use su - on Debian, not just su.

Note: Some components of the application still reference the name "Rumble" for backwards compatibility. The documentation will be updated as these are changed.

Enabling offline mode for existing installs

  • Open /etc/runzero/config with an editor of your choice.
  • Look for OFFLINE= and change it to OFFLINE=true.
  • Restart the runZero service runzeroctl restart.

CLI update with offline mode

The self-hosted runZero platform must be updated prior to first use.

Update the runZero platform and scanners with an offline update

runzeroctl update runzero-platform-update-[VERSION].zip
runzeroctl update --offline --zip-file-path runzero-platform-update-[VERSION].zip

You will need to change the version to match the zip archive you downloaded.