Tracking hardware and operating system retirement

Having a complete asset inventory is critical for when you are trying to retire or update a specific type of hardware or operating system in your environment. If you don’t have a complete view of your assets, some of them will slip through the cracks.

Who is this playbook for and why?

  • IT teams care about this process since they will no longer need to support these old systems. This saves time and money.
  • Security teams are interested in this process since old systems may have known vulnerabilities.

How will runZero help?

runZero is able to safely and efficiently scan all networks with benign traffic. runZero’s robust fingerprinting accurately identifies hardware and operating systems seen in your environment.

What will I need to do?

In order to track hardware and OS retirement with runZero, you will use the runZero Explorer to scan all of your networks. Then, you will query your inventory to find the specific hardware or OS to see what the footprint is. After you do this, you can set up alerts to ensure you do not have any assets that match those specifications.


Implementation steps

  1. Use the sample queries to identify your target assets.
  2. Set up alerts to automatically trigger workflows when an asset is found in the query after the project is complete.

Outcome demo

This video is a short demo of what the outcome of tracking hardware and operating system retirement may look like.

Getting help

If you need assistance in building out this process, you can book a session with a runZero Customer Success Engineer to discuss further.